Rector's Monthly Letter February 2018

Dear Friends

It’s hard to believe that Lent is almost upon us. It feels as though we have only just finished celebrating Christ’s birth at Christmas. Lent is a time in which we can reflect on the sacrifice Christ made for us so that we can live in closer relationship with God himself. It’s a time for self-examination, and a time to review if we are being the people God wants us to be.

As Christians, and members of his Church, we are called to join with him in His mission to the world. Doing whatever we can in our own situation to enable others to hear about Jesus Christ, so that they too can decide whether to follow him. To help us in this the house groups through Lent will be following a course called ‘Life at the Frontline’. The house groups in Georgeham and Croyde will also be studying the same material, and there will be an introduction to the course in the joint Ash Wednesday service at Chivenor Chapel (details to be found further on in the magazine).

Life on the Frontline is based on two firm beliefs. First, that God longs for us to grow as disciples of Jesus; and second, that as disciples, God longs to use us seven days a week wherever our daily lives take us. Our Frontlines are the places where we meet and interact with people who do not know the joy of following Jesus. The wonderful thing about God is that he takes our strengths, our personalities, our situations and uses them for his purpose. It’s entirely likely that he has already used you on your Frontline, even if you’ve not been fully aware of it. And he will continue to do so. Most of us are quite shy and reserved about talking to people about our faith and about Jesus Christ. The Lent study is designed to help us recognise where our Frontline is, to understand in which contexts he is using us and to give us the confidence to do more. This study will help us to fulfil the commitment we have made as followers of Christ to make him better known in our communities.

We are setting up an additional group through Lent. This will be held on a Thursday morning at 10am in the Hewett Room, starting on the 15th February. For those of you who do not already belong to a House Group I would strongly encourage you to come along to this one. It will be led by Rev Margaret. If you would like to join in please contact Rev Margaret or myself. Any member of the VMC or Georgeham and Croyde is welcome. Please speak to us if you would need a lift.

As we approach Lent, my prayer for us all is that we will deepen our faith and become more effective disciples of Christ.

With love