Rector's Monthly Letter November 2017

Dear Friends

I am sure that all of us have commented on the shortening of the days and darkness descending earlier in the evening after the clocks went back on October 29th.  Our human reaction is to retreat into a sort of hibernation, keeping warm and staying at home as much as possible.  But the Church offers us encouragement to keep awake, stay positive and look ahead to the festival of Christ the King, Advent and the coming of Jesus, the Word made flesh, as a child at Christmas .

Our pilgrimage throughout the Christian year is like a long walk.  There are days of easy walking on soft green meadows, easy slopes, a gentle warm breeze and wonderful views.  There are other days when the rain lashes  down, the wind is biting, the road is steep and you can’t see where you are going.  But we must press on because we know that there is no going back and if we don’t reach the car or the bus stop we shan’t get home.  Good days are when we have enjoyed Christian fellowship and uplifting worship.  Bad days are when such things as building repairs threaten to overwhelm us, the church is cold and we are uncertain of the future.

Paul urges perseverance.  ‘We also boast of our troubles because we know that trouble produces endurance, endurance brings God’s approval and his approval creates hope’  Romans 5 v 5.

Our perseverance includes holding fast to our faith and guarding the Word in our hearts because ‘the Word of God, spoken, heard, thought about, obeyed and continually re-expressed in actions and words gives meaning and reality to the life of the Church and of the individual Christian’ (Michael Richards).

Christians are always pilgrims en route, guarding the Word in our hearts , ’for that is our treasure.’

David Roff